Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Virgin (Ha) Cougar Bait Post

I think it's only appropriate that my boytoy, Back to Barnwell (B2B) be our first entry. After all, he did put up with me calling his hometown drunk from Blogher, and through a series of miscommunications, got him in trouble with his church deacon. My bad. But that wouldv'e never happened if you'd been my Blogher roommate like you promised, B2B.

So, ladies: Will, age 22.


What started out as a joke, since I am SOOOO married to the most wonderful, hot, smart, paternal man a girl could ever dream of, has "become it's own animal". My BlogHer '09 roomie and blogging idol, Sue, from http://www.happymealsandhappyhour.blogspot.com/ and I are in on this together. This way we can blame each other if anything goes wrong! LOL!

In an attempt to find a theme for an upcoming Bunko party I host once a year, and the never-ending trend of animal prints, I came up with "Cougarpalooza". Most of my friends are all "of a certain age", have a fondness for leopard print items, and can appreciate photos of garment-challenged twenty-something males. It seemed a perfect theme. Then, my cousin sent me two "COUGAR" shirts from the Washington State team. I will only wear them AFTER I have "bedazzled and blinged" them. Another "cougar" trait.

This could be HUGE! Cougars are everywhere! Apparently, Courtney Cox is set to star in a TV series called "Cougartown". You know where I will be when that is on! I watched all of "The Cougar", the reality (huh?!) dating show...the Cougar ended up engaged to one of the contestants on the finale'...he was barely older than her son! Nutty goodness!

The jokes started to fly, and somehow, even my husband is calling me a "Cougar". He bought me a new Jaguar (the car!) for Valentine's Day, so the "cat" theme continues!

I figure, if nothing else, this can be a forum for jokes, stories, and any photos/videos of "Cougar-Bait" you would like to see posted! Send them to cougarpalooza@sbcglobal.net!

**Yes, your cougar-bait can be famous...just be sure to let us know where you got the photo so we can give proper credit!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Being a photographer definitely has it's benefits! Here is my first entry...this is Ryan, age ???. Oh, who really cares? All I know is that this boy can COOK! Wanted to be a chef at one point. I hope I didn't mess up his life in trying to convince him to be a model! I am pretty sure you could do laundry on those Abs!


OK, this may be a little awkward, since I am his "Auntie Lisa", but here is my adorable nephew Anthony. I am trying to get him to grow his hair out a little, but he is just the sweetest! Pretty sure he's 20, but again, who cares?! Last I heard, he was thinking of joining the military. Way to use those guns, Anthony!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


He's a swimmer. And my former nanny's younger brother. Twenty-something. Catch your breath, and tell me, what's your favorite stroke?!